It's simple...
you have a garden center,
we have solutions.

In today's business climate, trying to go it alone is doing it the hard way. Now garden center operators have access to the most innovative ideas in the industry.

Proven methods that take the guesswork out of important business decisions. Direction... support... guidance and step by step assistance in some of the most important aspects of operating a successful garden center in these radically changing times.

And best of all, you'll be part of The Group...a multi-million dollar alliance of some of the industry's leading garden centers.

We think it's time for a change... one garden center at a time.

The Garden Center Group
Transitions Ownership

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Here's what The Garden Center Group clients have to say. . .

"We are fortunate to be in an industry where there are still so many 'independents' ... We are even more fortunate to be involved with The Garden Center Group where we have an active platform to speak up, share and help each other either through struggles or cheers..."

Frances & Larry Grossman
Grossman's Garden & Home
Penfield, New York

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IGC Retail Cover Story
November/December 2014

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn beyond ourselves and in the nation rather than the region. It helps a lot. Even though we have totally different ways of dealing with plants, for instance pansies and petunias are WAY gone and cacti are classified as shrubs. It does help to see how others run their garden centers."

Civano Nursery
Tuscon, Arizona

"The amount of information and ideas that you (Steve Bailey) gave was beyond what we thought we might receive and more importantly you helped us see our business from a different angle. That is our main reason for joining your group and we can already see the benefits that we will get from it."

Joe Heidgen
Shady Hill Gardens
Elburn, Illinois

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